Vandal Pepper Sauce
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Try our Vandal Pepper Sauce on eggs, hash browns, burgers, steaks, fries or sandwiches. Mix it with ranch, fry sauce, gravy, hollandaise, or just drink it straight from the bottle! The combinations are endless!

Vandal Pepper Sauce is a flavorful small batch hot sauce made at The Breakfast Club in Moscow, Idaho. Its flavor, versatility, and medium heat lends itself to a variety of uses for a variety of hot sauce lovers! 


You can purchase vandal pepper sauce in our online store

or pick some up at these local businesses


The Breakfast Club Moscow, Idaho

Spence Hardware, Moscow, Idaho

The Gateway Restaurant, Plummer, Idaho

Waffles N' More, Lewiston, Idaho

Conkling Marina Resort, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Farmhouse Kitchen & Silo Bar, Ponderay,Idaho



The Sauce we were born to make

Like with any great hot sauce there were countless hours of trial and error, tears and second-guessing, smiles and uproarious laughter. Our goal was to create a sauce that could lend its assistance to a variety of dishes. In my personal opinion, I believe we have succeeded in creating such a sauce. Thank you to all who helped us get here and thank you to all who are fortunate enough have a back up bottle in their fridge to spice up their lives. We appreciate your business and constant love and support!


Our community

Our Vandal Pepper Sauce is made in beautiful Moscow, Idaho in a restaurant called The Breakfast Club. In its 20+ years of business The Breakfast Club has existed to cultivate an accepting, breakfast fueled atmosphere of kindness and great food. They have been there for the community through thick and thin and now they are there to help us make this great sauce.

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